Business Database

IDS can assist in identifying the right industry or business type to target through our extensive business database. Our database is an aggregate of telephone directories, government records, trade association publications, and self-reported data.

The IDS process starts with merging data from thousands of telephone directories and more than 350 sources for new businesses, including Secretaries of State, County Courthouses, and Public Record Notices. After each source is catalogued, scanned and processed, the records are authenticated and run through ACE (Address Correction Engine) to standardize the addresses. At this point, 92% of the addresses receive a Zip+4 to ensure better deliverability. Then each business record is called to verify and update all information on the file.

With approximately 14 million records, the file is refreshed monthly with new data and list sources. In providing the most accurate business database available, it is run through specific postal processes: DPV®, NCOA®, LACS®, and also run against Nixie - which is a file of all businesses that have been marked as out of business.

We are here to make our database work for your campaign. We will listen to your needs and requirements and provide the best overall solutions in regards to quality and price.

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