New Homeowners Database

Developing a new homeowners program is essential for any service or retail company looking to stay ahead of the curve. IDS's New Homeowners Database creates the ability to specifically target people who have recently purchased a home.

IDS's New Homeowners Database is compiled from multiple sources assuring broader and more comprehensive coverage. The database is developed using recorded deed information on new home sales. All records are Zip+4 coded using CASS certified software, and names are highly deliverable and updated on a weekly schedule.

Homeowners are excellent prospects as they are establishing their buying habits for household furnishings and appliances, home improvement offers, electronics, and security alarms.

We also provide more detailed selects to help drill down a search even further, such as dwelling type, age and estimated household income.

We are here to make our database work for your campaign. We will listen to your needs and requirements, and provide the best overall solutions in regards to quality and price.

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