Enhancements and Data Services

You've spent time gathering the customer's information and now it's time to make the most of the internal database. IDS will work to clean and standardize the database with NCOALink, PCOA, CASS, DPV, Merge/Purge, Deceased Screening and DMA and Prison Suppression. Data Hygiene and the quality of internal data is important and provides the benefits of:

  • Ensuring the message reaches the intended target audience
  • Reduces costly returns and undeliverable mail
  • Helps avoid individuals who have moved or may have passed away. Or track individuals who have moved to keep their information current.

We are here to make your database work for your campaign. We will listen to your needs and requirements and provide the best overall solutions in regards to quality and price.


Provides updated addresses by comparing your file to the USPS database of Change of Address requests.


Personal change of address uses commercial records such as subscription, mail order, and credit card information. Updates records not caught by NCOA processing.


Standardizes address info such as abbreviations, directionals, ZIP+4, Carrier Route, and Delivery Point Codes.


Delivery Point Validation allows mailers to validate that the address information they have is a valid address serviced by the USPS.


Remove duplicates, combine multiple mailing lists and code addresses by source list for tracking results.

Apartment Appending

Provides missing secondary address information such as apartment numbers.

Deceased Screening

Believe it or not, you may be mailing to customers or prospects that have passed away. Not only does this create potential ill-will with the surviving family, it provides savings in postage and production.

DMA & Prison Suppression

Removes addressees in prison, or on the Direct Marketing Association "Do Not Mail" list.

Postal Processing

Let IDS prepare the database for mailings. We will Postal Presort the mail to ensure the maximum automation postage discount and we also offer DSF which will provide additional information about the deliverability of the address (i.e. seasonal, vacant, business or residence) and places the file in Postal Walk Sequence providing the maximum postage discounts for saturation mailings.


Everybody is always looking for that extra edge from customer databases and that is where IDS enhancements come in. With limited information IDS can append geographic, demographic and psychographic elements to a customer database including phone and e-mail addresses. These additional elements will help identify individuals within a database when building a marketing campaign.

Customer Profile Analysis

Do you have a customer database that you keep updated but still are not sure what type of customers use the product or service. IDS can help by providing a customer profile analysis. We have several different levels available from the basic analysis to the model creation for multiple markets and locations. What IDS will be doing is take an existing customer database and on the back end append many of the top demographic selections, run it through the program which will then provide a report showing the percentages from within the database for these top demographic selections and provide an executive summary for the type of customers that should be targeted. This report provides valuable insight that will lead future direct marketing campaigns.

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